Interested in Joining?

The Ravenswood Community Orchestra creates beauty, peace, and community by passionately performing the music we love.

The music director of St. Benedict’s Church in Ravenswood, Matt Wolka, once asked his music teacher how he could conduct a real orchestra. The teacher responded, “You’ll have to start your own.” In 2000, Wolka recruited a few parishioners to play classical music as the St. Benedict’s Festival Orchestra. As the group broadened into the wider community, the Ravenswood Community Orchestra was born. Two decades later, the group has grown in size and quality, and the RCO retains its DIY spirit.

Are you interested in joining the Orchestra? We welcome musicians with sufficient proficiency to perform the standard orchestral repertoire and who commit to consistently attending rehearsals.  Most players at an intermediate level or above are comfortable playing with us.  No audition is required for players with prior orchestra or concert band experience. We always have openings for string players.  For winds, brass and percussion, please contact us to inquire about openings.  

Rehearsals take place on most Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the St. Ben’s lower school library, near the corner of Bell and Byron Streets in Chicago.  We are grateful to St. Benedict Parish for its support of our music-making!

The RCO is funded by voluntary contributions from members, concert admissions, and other contributions.  The RCO is not incorporated and therefore does not accept donations via check or credit card.  For further information and questions about membership, please contact us via this form or at